Our Service Mission

Why we exist: We believe that poverty in the developing world is the world's biggest challenge at the moment with 80% of humanity living below $10 a day[1]. We are also acutely aware that the economy of the developed world is also relatively unstable with repeated banking crises. We believe the two problems are not unrelated. Our solution to both these problems is to encourage Universal Entrepreneurship at the grass root level in the developed world via affordable resources in the developing world. We want to encouraging small companies to become larger and for freelancers and full-time employees to become small companies to create an alternate income stream. One of the biggest challenges faced by freelancers and small companies is time and resourcing. Usually, there isn't enough time to effectively develop a new entrepreneurial idea and run it to fruition and the costs of hiring a new resource tends to be prohibitively expensive for any organization below the size of a mid size company. That is where we come in – we offer affordable, high-quality resourcing to encourage your personal growth via the benefits of outsourcing

Ethical Outsourcing for Business Growth:Unlike traditional forms of Outsourcing which simply transfer jobs elsewhere in the world, ethical outsourcing is a strategic cost-effective move to actually create more jobs for the local economy by encouraging entrepreneurship/business growth. Outsourcing in this context is used as a resourcing strategy for business units and individuals who are too small to otherwise hire resources and grow larger. This also includes nascent business units created to test a new business concept on a limited budget which otherwise would not have been tested."

Our Commitment to Rural Areas:We tend to focus on rural areas as in the developing world which are often neglected. Although, we are starting out with India, we are ambitious and intend to expand to all developing countries which have access to the Internet and speak the same language as yourself - Which developing country would you like your resource from?

What Benefits do you get:

1. Gain a dedicated affordable resource committed to converting your business ideas into reality or expanding your business.

2. Gift your self an additional 8 hours each working day at the end of your normal working day and before the start of the next.

3. We guarantee that your dedicated resource will high-performing otherwise we give you your money back*. Additionally, your resource will invest time for continuous skills development as per an agreed personal development plan. All you need to do is spend 1 hour a week coaching your employee/small team on domain specific knowledge which is unique to your project area.

How to Get Started:

The best way to learn about anything is by doing.We suggest trying out our service for a month and we are confident you will never look back. Request a Resource

Share Your Ideas: If you have got an idea or a vision for society but are unsure of how to develop it into a concrete business idea - send us an email on visions@outsourcingguru.co.uk and we can coach you via email into taking practical baby steps or refer you to one of our business coaching partners. Some of our clients have transitioned into being entrepreneurs by just spending 1-2 hours a week to begin with like an additional hobby.

[1]The developing world is poorer than we thought, but no less successful in the fight against poverty, World Bank, August 2008
[2] The New Rich Movement - http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/